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born in Zurich 1969 ~ 29 yrs. of work experience ~ advertising ~ journalism ~ television ~ webpublishing ~ marketing ~ teaching ~ cultural projects ~ curating ~ ph.d. candidate during five semesters ~ german, english, spanish, some french and italian ~ movies, literature, travelling, photography, writing ~ proud mom ~ more information and references on request

Lisa Ladner


Puerto Rico Art News, December 2014
Nuevos rumbos: 10 actuales curadores de arte en la escena del arte contemporáneo de Puerto Rico

Periódico Conboca, 2012 / Interview

artensuite - Swiss Artmagazine
interview with Peripher founding director Lisa Ladner, May 2011 issue, pages 16-18
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Kulturmanagement Network (Schweiz)
article about the ZHdK conference "Von der Kunst leben!", April 2011, KM Magazin # 55, page 45

"Showcase: New Faces in an Old Gallery"

"CMCA Exhibition brings Art to Life"

"Despedida fotográfica" (article deleted)

"¿Renivención del MAP?" (website offline)

"A Voice for Puerto Rican Art"

"Lisa Ladner: la antítesis al 'no se puede'" (website offline)

"La esperanza,... en la Galería PL 900"

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