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~ communications
  marketing, new media, publishing (web & print)
  copy and concept writer and editor
  conceptualize and realize websites and newsletters (e. g. with TYPO3, MailChimp, Dodeley)
  update websites (texts and images), freelance online editor

~ contemporary art
  focus: Puerto Rico, Caribbean, Latin America, Switzerland
 curating, project management, writing, networking, event organizer
  practical knowledge and practice of photography, film and video

~ cultural studies
  focus: (post)colonialism, transnationalism, state politics,
  social, religious & philosophical topics, consumerism/shopping, public space

~ cultural entrepreneurship
   focus: marketing for start-ups, networking, pricing, sparring partner,
   artists' careers

~ interested in
  consulting assignments, board memberships, advisory board, judge, commission work
  project management, mentoring
  writing columns

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