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Latest projects and assignments: Relaunch of (Wordpress) ~ Librería El Ciclo in San Juan, Puerto Rico, including website and Facebook page ~ Text editing for HNO Praxis Milchbuck's new website (by LOGLAN GmbH, 2014); Consulting and copy writing for new Mura CMS site for Hadia Swiss Medical, (with Netfusion GmbH).

Besides other activities for other clients, I'm responsable for all online activities of since January 2013. This includes website, newsletter and social media.

Some of the sites I produced and/or maintain(ed): Web and communications consultant for PLUTSCHOW | FELCHLIN, since December 2014: PLUTSCHOW GALLERY (website based on artbutler/easyweb launched 2014) ~ new Wordpress site for (launched 2014) ~ Fachstelle UND's website (2013 / TYPO3 / in collaboration with LOGLAN GmbH) ~ (2012 / TYPO3 / with Abteilung für Gestaltung GmbH) ~ (Wordpress) ~ (TYPO3) ~ (TYPO3) ~ (TYPO3) ~ (TYPO3) ~ ~ (TYPO3) ~ ~ (TYPO3) ~ ~ ~ ~ / ~ ~ ~ ~ (TYPO3) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ and many, many more ...

May 2010 - June 2011: research assistant in the project Cultural Entrepreneurship (GEBERT RÜF STIFTUNG / AVINA STIFTUNG / ZHdK) // May - July 2012: ad interim Ad Manager at Tamedia AG // August - December 2012: Web editor for Schweizer Familie, Tamedia AG, responsible for the relaunch of the website (12/12/12) and for its maintenance and development since 1/1/2013.

Current project: Colonial Comfort

19.9.-20.11./1.12.2014: Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts, St. Croix/USVI
25.6.-25.10.2015: Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Puerto Rico, San Juan/PR

El Status

Looking back:
The project FAS|PR|2013 took place October 3-26, 2013. The sound art fair was hosted at the University of the Sacred Heart in San Juan, Puerto Rico. ArtNexus featured the event. In March 2014 the exhibition won the international art critic prize (AICA-Puerto Rico: "Best Interdisciplinary Exhibition 2013").

FAS was awarded by AICA

Celebrated the opening of PERIPHER - das begehbare Kulturmagazin in Zurich, Switzerland in September 10, 2010 as founding director, curated nine thematical exhibitions, supervised four rental shows and organized an Artist in Residence ~ Launched RAG @ Peripher in 2011 (till January 2012) ~ 2005/2006 founder of - Independent Platform for Contemporary Puerto Rican Art ~ worked as a freelance curator for the photo gallery PL 900 at Casa Aboy (Mar 2009 - Mar 2010) ~ co-curated and participated in "Daily Strife", CMCArts, St. Croix (Oct 16, 2009 - Jan 16, 2010) ~ co-founded El Pulguero de los Artistas, 2008 and 2009 ~ collaborated as an artist and communications assistant in "Facing Locality", CMCArts, St. Croix, USVI (curated by Luis Camnitzer) ~ founded FAS - Feria de Arte Sonoro in 2008 and celebrated FAS 08 and FAS 2010 ~ initiated the Nakuru Residency Program for Caribbean Artists and celebrated the AFRICAN MARKET at the Galeria Yemaya (May 2010), an informal Deep East Africa portfolio show with arts & crafts bridging Africa to the Afro-Caribbean


2015 - Colonial Comfort, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2014 - Colonial Comfort, Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts, Frederiksted, St. Croix, USVI
2013 - FAS|PR|2013 (3rd Feria de Arte Sonoro), Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2011 - Carmelo Sobrino (Art Residency Show), Peripher, Zurich, Switzerland
2011 - Am Ufer, Peripher, Zurich, Switzerland
2011 - Um Himmels Willen, Peripher, Zurich, Switzerland
2011 - Schwelle, Peripher, Zurich, Switzerland
2011 - En passant, Peripher, Zurich, Switzerland
2011 - Kunstlicht, Peripher, Zurich, Switzerland
2010 - Kleinod, Peripher, Zurich, Switzerland
2010 - Seelensee, Peripher, Zurich, Switzerland
2010 - Sturmzentrum, Peripher, Zurich, Switzerland
2010 - Erntemond, Peripher, Zurich, Switzerland
2010 - Mercado Africano, Galería Yemayá, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2010 - FAS2010 (2nd Feria de Arte Sonoro), Espacio Arana, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2010 - Please touch y otras ideas/Favor de tocar and other ideas (ADÁL/Adal Maldonado), Galería PL900, Casa Aboy, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2009 - Guy Paizy Retrospective, Galería PL900, Casa Aboy, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2009 - Visitas desde mi carro - oda a Ruth Orkin (Carmen Mojica), Galería PL900, Casa Aboy, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2009 - El tercer lugar (Lisa Ladner), Galería PL900, Casa Aboy, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2009 - New Orleans - City of Hope (Rebecca Zilenziger), Galería PL900, Casa Aboy, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2009 - Invasión: Our daily bread v.2 (Norma Vila Rivero), Galería PL900, Casa Aboy, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2009 - En la espera (Gretchen Ruiz Ramos), Galería PL900, Casa Aboy, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2009 - Daily Strife, Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts, Frederiksted, St. Croix, USVI
2009 - El Pulguero de los Artistas (2nd alternative art fair), Pabellón de la Paz, Parque Muñoz Rivera, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2008 - FAS08 (Feria de Arte Sonoro; 1st Puerto Rican sound art fair), La Respuesta, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2008 - El Pulguero de los Artistas (1st alternative art fair parallel to CIRCA), Pabellón de la Paz, Parque Muñoz Rivera, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2007 - Pinturas y musarañas (Carmelo Sobrino), Showroom Adam Brody, Zurich, Switzerland
2006 - Tráfico (Carmelo Sobrino), Golf & Country Club, Erlen/TG, Switzerland
2006 - Diploma exhibition MAS Cultural & Gender Studies, ZHdK/Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich, Switzerland
2004/2005 - Obras recientes (Carmelo Sobrino), Galerie Brandgässli, Lucerne and private offices in Zurich, Switzerland


Co-produced a Suturee LP (Skim The Surface, 2012) and a Ranjeet and the Ambassadors EP (2014) through crowdfunding sites.


private and group classes for individuals, companies and associations ~ co-designed the NDS Sozial Informatik (now: MAS in Social Informatics) at FH SG and lectured there and at the ZHdK (MAS Cultural/Gender Studies, now: MAS/CAS Cultural Media Studies) ~ Co-organizer of the ZHdK Cultural Entrepreneurship conference "Von der Kunst leben!" (April 2011) ~ Thesis mentor (CAS/MAS Cultural Media Studies, ZHdK)


Latest News:
"La imperfección de la realidad", Visión Doble: exhibition critique of "La mirada horizontal" by Carmelo Sobrino at the University Gallery of Sagrado Corazón, Puerto Rico

Essay and texts for the exhibition "Colonial Comfort"

The short crime story "Schicksalswende" ("Twist Of Fate") was published in "entwürfe - Zeitschrift für Literatur", edition 75, October 2013, subject: crime. ~ "Unter anderen Vorzeichen" reached 3rd place in the Annabelle contest in 2012. ~ MAS thesis ~ photographic portfolio ~ articles (read sample in Spanish) ~ handbooks for webmasters ~ hand-outs and study papers for students ~ short stories (read sample in German) ~ published 100 web sites ~ founder and editor of and of

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