Apartment in San Juan for Sale

Dear potential buyer,

I’m open for offers starting at USD 180,000.

If you wrote already but have not heard back from me, please check your spam folder, write to info@lisaladner.com or call me at 787-667 9792!

Download documentation (PDF) >>>


Recent view from the balcony (new boardwalk to Old San Juan).

Floor plan:

The size of the apartment is 919.30 square feet (85.94 m2), the layout is versatile.


On the ground floor of the building, that contained 12 apartments, 1 apartment was turned into a “parking” for 4 to 5 cars. We’ve been trying to get that space legally/officially approved as a parking, but there is no guarantee that this will happen. In the meantime some of the neighbours pay a monthly fee for the beeper and take turns using it. The others, such as myself, prefer parking in the streets or at the Shell gas station.

Estimated fix costs:
–             AAA/water: ~ $ 23.71/month = ~ $ 285/year (min.)
–             AEE/electricity: ~ $ 16.90/month = ~ $ 203/year (min.)
–             CRIM/tax: 2 x $ 246.48 = less than $ 500/year (zero if only property)
–             Maintenance fee (administration/cleaning): ~ $ 82/month = ~ $ 984/year
–             Savings (repairs): as agreed on in anual owner’s reunions
–             Building insurance (my share): $ 360.82/year
–             Tel/internet: individually
Total: ~ $ 195/month = ~ $ 2332/year

It’s recommendabe to put some money aside for repairs of the apartment (ocean front = rust).

After enjoying it for several years, I’ve been renting the apartment via Airbnb and will continue doing so, until someone offers at least USD 180,000.

Note: The condo is not listed with VA or FHA (loan lists).

Don’t hesitate to write or call, if you have further questions, or if you want to see the space.


Lisa Ladner
110 Calle María Moczó
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00911

tel. 1-787-667 9792

Download documentation (PDF) >>>

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